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A sanitary fitting is designed to connect pipe plumbing systems to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, such as regulating or measuring fluid flow. The sanitary pipe fittings, made of quality stainless steel, are widely applied in the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industrial markets that require clean transportation of clean materials.
To satisfy customers' various demands, we have designed reliable sanitary valves with multiple driving methods for the valve control, such as the manual drive, electric drive, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, turbine drive, electromagnetic drive, electromagnetic-hydraulic drive, electric hydraulic drive, pneumatic-hydraulic drive, spur gear drive, bevel gear drive and other driving methods.
Pump is a common mechanical device used to convey fluids or increase the pressure of fluids. It could effectively transfer the mechanical energy of the engine or other external energy to fluids, therefore increasing the fluid's energy. The sanitary pump we provide with you is geared to transport water, oil, acid and alkali solutions, emulsion, liquid metal, liquid and gas mixture and liquids containing suspended solids.
As an indispensable pipe valve, the industrial valve could effectively control the fluids flow inside piping systems by changing the flow area and flow direction. It is widely used in the industrial processes, such as water & sewage processing, mining, power generation, processing of oil, gas & petroleum, food manufacturing, chemical & plastic manufacturing and many other fields.