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Industrial Valves

    1. Ball ValveSize: 1/2"-4", DN10-DN100
      Material: CF8/304, CF8M/316
      Working temperature: -40℃-180℃
      Working connection: BSP/BSTP/NPT welding/socket
    1. Gate ValveSize: DN15-DN600, 1 / 2 "-24"
      PN: PN1.6-6.4, Class150/300, 10k/20k
      Low pressure gas seal test pressure: 0.6MPa
      Pressure gas seal test pressure: 1.1PN
    1. Check ValveSize: DN8-DN50, 1 / 2 "-2"
      Material: CF8/304, CF8M/316
      Medium: H1 H-(16-64) C water, oil, gas
      Temperature: -40℃ ~ 180℃
    1. Globe ValveSize: DN10-DN100, 1/2 "-2"
      Material: CF8/304, CF8M/316
      Medium: J41H-(16-64) C water, oil, gas, J41W-(16-64) P Nitric acid Applicable Temperature: -40℃ ~ 180℃
    1. Pipeline StrainerSize: DN10-DN100, 1 / 2 "-4"
      Material: CF8/304, CF8M/316
      Strength test pressure: PT2.4, 3.8,6.0,9.6 Mpa
      Medium: SYl1-(16-64) C water, oil, gas, suitable

An industrial valve is a flow control device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. As an indispensable pipe valve, the industrial valve could effectively control the fluids flow inside piping systems by changing the flow area and flow direction. It is widely used in the industrial processes, such as water & sewage processing, mining, power generation, processing of oil, gas & petroleum, food manufacturing, chemical & plastic manufacturing and many other fields.

To satisfy different applications in the industrial productions, a great variety of industrial valves have been designed and provided with the market. From the simplest valve-cutoff valve to the most complex one that is often used in the automatically controlled systems, each industrial valve has their own unique structures and functions to suit different needs in the real applications.

The control mechanism of an industrial valve could be supported by such driving methods, such as the manual drive, electric drive, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, turbine drive, electro-magnetic drive, electromagnetic hydraulic drive, electric-hydraulic drive, pneumatic-hydraulic drive, spur-gear drive and Bevel gear drive and so on. At the mean time, these industrial valves could take corresponding actions with the help of pressure sensor, temperature sensor or other sensing elements. Even without the signals, the valve could be automatically opened or closed.

As a long established manufacturer of pipes and valves, our company has provided rich types of this flow regulating devices with our customers, satisfying their various requirements and promoting their industrial production. Thanks to their good quality, high precision, reliable performance and great durability, our valves have been adopted by customers from the global market, ensuring the safe and smooth of productions. If you are looking for a quality industrial valve, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide with you best solutions to valves.