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Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

A diaphragm valve is a block valve which uses a diaphragm as the closing device and is usually used to isolate or block flow. Because the material of the membrane can chemically degrade, stainless steel diaphragm valves are used under the conditions of low pressure and a limited temperature operating range. The diaphragm valve and three-way diaphragm valve could be operated pneumatically, manually or controlled by intelligent controller. Thank to its excellent properties and reliable performance, this sanitary valve is quite suitable to be used for the control and opening/closing of microfluidics in the aseptic production of pharmaceutical industrials.

As an reliable manufacturer of valves, our company has accumulated rich technology and experience in the design and manufacture of this stainless steel diaphragm valve and provided a variety of this model with our customers around the world.

Features of Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve
Apart from its scientific design, precise specifications, refined workmanship, reliable performance, this sanitary valve our company provide with you also enjoys the following features:

1. FDA/USP Certificate
The diaphragm valves of the model numbers 13/3A, 16/6A, 52/5A, 5F and 5S are scrupulously manufactured according to the requirements set by FAD. If necessary, we could show other certificates this industrial valve have been certified to.

2. Quality Materials
The materials for an industrial diaphragm valve is decided by the working condition it would be used in. Before the selection of valve body and valve diaphragm, our professional stuff will conduct careful analysis on the application of the diaphragm valve, especially the applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industrials, based on which they could come to a collusion and decide the materials to be used. To ensure the safety and great durability of this high precision industrial valve, before we made the final decision, the material will be further tested and confirmed by experts with effective chemical data and experiments.

3. Firm Fixation of the Valve Diaphragm
The most classic fixation means for this valve diaphragm is screw fixation which, compared with the fixation by holes, could enable the screws to bear part of the pressure(just for the vacuum condition) and therefore protect the diaphragm and extend the valve's service life.

4. Soft and Elastic Materials for Diaphragm
We have adopted the soft and elastic materials in the production of the valve diaphragm in that they would take no sensitive reaction to the working media that are inclined to be contaminated by fibers, solid grains and catalytic materials. At the mean time, it will impose no negative influence upon the operation of the valve and its sealing performance. According tot the working or sterilization temperature as well as the chemical properties of working media, our sanitary diaphragm valve could be made of such materials as EPDM( for 1/3A and 16/6A) and FPM/VIton(for 4 and 4A) and so on.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve
Size: 1 / 2 "-3", DN20-DN80;
Material: ASTM T304/316L, 1.4301/1.4404;
Materials for Gasket: PTFE + EPDM (double layer), EPDM, SILICON, FPM (VITON);
Body structure: straight, T-links, U-shaped links, L-tee;
Connection: clamp, welding, thread;
Control: intelligent valve positioner/ C-TOP control / position sensor.

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