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Double Seat Mixproof Valve

General Description
As its name suggests, the double seat mix proof valve is specially designed flow control device that could stream two different products or fluids through the same valve at the same time without any risk of cross contamination. Its scientific and elaborate designs enables this mix proof valve to take the job of two or three single-seat valves, saving you space and installation costs and providing you with great system flexibility. At the same time, designed with a double sealing mechanism, this special valve is perfectly sealed and free from leakages.

Based on our great R&D capacity and advanced manufacturing equipment, we have provided two types of this unique sanitary valve with our customers, namely the mix proof valve with self-cleaning valve cavity and the one with a ordinary valve cavity. The leakage chamber and the leakage detector of both types can be cleaned with the help of the lifting system of its valve seat. As this unique sanitary flow regulating valve is made of quality materials with advanced manufacturing processes and techniques, it enjoys highly reliable performance and long service life and has been widely used in the dairy and beverage industries and other industrial productions.

Specifications of Double Seat Mixproof Valve
Size: DN40-DN100, 1.5 "-4";
Material: ASTM T304/316L, 1.4301/1.4404;
Connection: DIN, SMS, RJT etc.;
Control Box C-TOP: electronic connection, AI-I bus connection;
Internal treatment: Ra ≤ 0.8um;
Maximum working pressure: 10bar;
Minimum working pressure: absolute vacuum;
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to 120 ℃;
Compressed air pressure: 5.5bar-7bar;
Connection for gas supply: R1/8 "(BSP).

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